Cloudscapes Artist Statement




Clouds can often be the only view of nature from a city window. They inspire our imaginations. Clouds in their transient nature don't conform, they are constantly moving and changing, evolving and never static.  They fill the sky with many moods, colours and textures and the paintings reveal  a symbolist esthetic in that they reflect the feeling the clouds evoke.  Abstracted and painted minimally with a wet into wet technique the clouds reveal their uncertain nature.  Their  lack of delineation and contours allows the viewer to enter the cloud atmosphere as if they are within the cloud. They become an architecture of atmosphere, with no perspective or vanishing points. The works begin with an ordered collage of Japanese decorative papers on a brightly coloured ground.  Tension is created by wiping away paint in some areas so that the decorative paper appears randomly and interferes with the clouds giving the suggestion that man is invading the atmosphere. The use of colour is inspired by the original collage and often uses complementary, triad and tetrad colour combinations.  A sense of light is then created through the use of multiple transparent layers.