Into Thin Air Artist Statement


In my paintings clouds are used as a metaphor for the mind or the intellect and are juxtaposed with the concrete man-made structures of bridges.  With an economy of brushstrokes I tried to capture the essence of the subject revealing just enough detail to cause the form to appear on the canvas as if out of a fog or mist.  I wanted to simplify and eliminate extraneous detail. The structures themselves do not represent a fixed pathway as they are floating, ephemeral entities. Their lack of foundation and the misty, transparent way in which they are painted is meant to instil a sense of transience.  The ground of the painting is brightly coloured and collaged with Japanese decorative paper. The paper provides a decorative and craft like element to the work and references Japanese aesthetics which often embody an acceptance that beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  The transparent way in which the work is created allows the paper to show through and symbolizes the fact that rusting, decaying bridges often have a limited mortality and an imperfect reliability.